Product Certification Requirements

Soil to Soil Product Certification Requirements

Any and all goods listed on the Soil to Soil Market website follow these guidelines:

  • All source materials must be farmed/harvested within the United States.
  • Items must be fully compostable. Items constructed with non-compostable thread or notions must be noted on the product label and in the product description as not fully compostable.
  • No item, nor any of its constituent parts, may be genetically modified or contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), manufactured biosynthetic, or be superwashed.
  • All labor is sourced within the United States (U.S.)


  • Tools, books and patterns: while not farmed or literally sourced from materials within the U.S. We make an exception for creative ideas, and items made or otherwise created (designed, conceived) that support, amplify, or help people use, learn to use, or learn more about practices in the U.S., and how to incorporate those practices into their lives, goods, and land.

If a vendor lists a product that does not comply with one or more of the above requirements, a Soil to Soil Market administrator will privately alert the vendor to the problem and ask that they remove the product listing. If non-compliant items are repeatedly or consistently (three times or more) found online, the vendor’s page will be suspended from the Soil to Soil Market.