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Soil to Soil Market is a nationwide multi-vendor ecommerce market. The Market enables customers to discover verified, non-greenwashed goods that are local to them, wherever they may be. When it comes to handmade goods that can't scale in terms of manufacturing or mass production, that scale needs to come from a handmade, grassroots approach.

Soil to Soil Market removes the barrier of producers running their own ecommerce websites, provides marketing and customer support, and has the ability to scale in a way that will increase long-term viability. For vendors who already have their own ecommerce sites, the market will be supplemental to that. Most important is the ability of consumers to find VERIFIED goods all in one place.

There are no membership or listing fees for vendors.

The market charges a 15% commission on all sales.  

FREE US Shipping for all products. Vendors to include shipping fees in item pricing. 


Soil to Soil Product Certification Requirements (Link to certification page)

Any and all goods listed on the Soil to Soil Market website follow these guidelines:

  • All source materials must be farmed/harvested within the United States.
  • Items must be fully compostable. Items constructed with non-compostable thread or notions must be noted on the product label and in the product description as not fully compostable.
  • No item, nor any of its constituent parts, may be genetically modified or contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), manufactured biosynthetic, or be superwashed.
  • All labor is sourced within the United States (U.S.)


By signing up and listing products on Soil to Soil Market, vendors agree to adhere to all product certification requirements, a 15% sales commission, and to ship out products in a timely manner. 


Welcome to our digital vendor handbook. Below you will find PDF downloads to help with vendor dashboard setup, preparing to list a product, editing, fulfillment and more. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email:


Account Login - Visit to create account or login


Vendor Dashboard


Preparing to List Products (PDF download, revised 3/28/2024)

Compile all information, including photos, before listing a product.


Each product needs:

  • Descriptive Title
  • Product Description
    • Details, how the product was made, about, story of, etc.
    • Size/Dimensions
    • Content
  • Photos (up to 10) must have one main square photo to list a product.
  • Categories (up to 5) Choose a main Category
    • Clothing
    • Home Goods
    • Literature
    • Maker Supplies
    • Natural Dyestuffs
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Toys
    • Whole Body Care
  • Product Type (See list, Choose one) Type is a subcategory
  • Product Tags (up to 10) Tags are keywords and are used to categorize products and improve search results.


  • Category - Maker Supplies
  • Type - Yarn
  • Tag/Keywords - Sport, wool, jacob, naturally dyed, indigo


Duplicate a Product (PDF download, revised 3/29/2024)


Delete a Product  (PDF download, revised 3/29/2024)


Fulfilling an order (PDF download)

  • Receive order notification (email to vendor and customer)
  • Package order, print invoice/order page/packing slip
  • Mark as fulfilled
  • Payment Timeline: 7-10 days after order fulfillment, ACH transfer will be processed, and an email (sent from will be sent with a payment summary.


FAQ (PDF download, revised 3/29/2024)


Soil to Soil Product Certification Requirements (PDF download, revised 3/29/2024)


Shipping Policy (PDF download)


Return and Refund Policy (PDF download)


Soil to Soil Market is an independent for profit entity, owned and operated by Gynna Clemes. We will work closely with our members to promote community and support the development of regional fiber systems that build soil and protect the health of our biosphere.

Updated 3/29/2024